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Yoga Nidra and Journaling for Grief

As we enter into the holiday season, I’ve invited my dear friend, Gabby Daikon, to share her experience with grief after losing her mother as a young adult.  I met Gabby about a year ago through her grief journals and later joined her for virtual Yoga Nidra and...

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Tennessee Election 2022

We want to remind you that it is time to request your Davidson County Tennessee Election Absentee Ballot for the election on August 4th, 2022. Your Absentee Ballot can be requested now! We recommend that the ballot be sent in the mail no later than July 28th.

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Every College Student Needs These Legal Documents

The stress of leaving home and becoming an adult can be difficult for anyone. It is especially tough for college students and young adults who have to face the uncertainty of their future. They have to support themselves and are going to gain the power to make decisions on their own, for better or worse.  However, there are a few legal documents that they can get to make the transition easier.

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