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Now that vaccinations have started and “normal” life is within our grasp, many couples are starting to resume their wedding plans. Those who have postponed their big day or got engaged during the pandemic are once again starting to put deposits on venues, purchasing gowns, and even planning honeymoons. However, as a Nashville estate planning lawyer, I want everyone to know that estate planning and prenuptial agreements should be part of the process along with selecting flowers and all the “fun stuff.”

All marriages celebrate the joining of two lives together, a union of family and finances. And while estate planning is not exactly romantic, it can create a feeling of being protected even if the worst happens. Likewise, creating a prenup before the marriage can offer each partner security and confidence that all of their bases are covered as they enter into the union. Essentially, it sets forth how all property, assets, childcare, and spousal support would work IF the marriage did not survive. The prenup’s contents depend on the unique needs of each couple and the document is designed to protect each partner if the marriage were ending, whether through death or divorce.

Couples are encouraged to create an estate plan together, but each partner will need their own lawyer when creating a prenuptial agreement. The reason is simple; the prenup is meant to protect each partner separate from the other. It is also vital to select an attorney in the state where the couple plans to reside, as there may be different laws regarding support after a marriage ends.

A Nashville estate planning lawyer will be quick to point out that a prenuptial agreement is often a process that keeps marriages from ending in divorce, or protects the family after the death of one partner. Starting the marriage on a strong financial foundation can bind couples closer together. It gives them an open and honest place to discuss financial plans, ideas on fidelity, wishes for the future, and how each views the marriage before entering the contract.

If you or a loved one is getting married, please consider an estate plan and prenuptial agreement as part of the wedding plans. That way, as you walk down the aisle, you know that no matter what, your future is protected. Speak with our estate planning lawyer, April, by scheduling an initial call.